Winter Haiku Title

A blanket of snow,
warm cabin, fireplace aglow,
and nowhere to go
Children are waking
as morning light is breaking -
gingerbread baking.
Snow swirls off the roof
in isolated flurries -
miniature storms.
Mingled smoke and snow
white on white above the flue -
water hot and cold
Like lace on velvet, 
white and green are intertwined -
patchy snow on grass.
Awakened from sleep 
by scent of Christmas baking -
remembrance runs deep.
The flickering flames,
bright blue on Christmas pudding,
light delighted eyes.
Candy Cane
Christmas candy canes
sadly echo shepherds’ staffs - 
the blood of the lamb.   
Smiling girl in crowd
illuminates the season -
borrowed happiness.
line the streets on Christmas eve -
lanes of fallen stars.   
Candles cast dim light -
luminarias brighten
far more than the night.    
Christmas lights aglow,
or captive angels’ halos? -
spruce in heavy snow    
Candles in windows -
helping the lost and lonely
to find their way home
Branches claw the sky,
scratching paw-like for the Spring -
trees afraid to die   
Clustered cardinals
huddle on icy branches –
cling to life and limb.
Yellow splashed on white –
territorial markings,
or mischievous boys?    
Paw prints in fresh snow
wind among the trees, then end —
a splash of crimson.
Corn stubble, cut low -
single crow leaves trident trail
in new-fallen snow.  
A week of gray clouds -
returning sunshine brightens
more than gloomy skies.
Color explosion!
Sunlight sweeps remnants of gray
into the shadows.    
High in the bright blue
sky a gibbous moon appears.
Why wait for the night?    
Chips of ice at night,
diamond-like, trap rays from lamps -
shine with inner light.   
Sun warms frozen ground
with memories of summer -
January thaw.   
Penguin stands on ice,
eggs and sperm between his legs -
future nurtured twice.
Brilliant sun on snow
strikes our eyes with blinding force -
eyelids, closed, still glow. 
White birch in winter,
deathly pallor, brilliant glow -
which one do you see?
White birch in white snow,
ready to dazzle and glow –
dark sky spoils the show.
Those leafless branches –
delicate scrimshaw etchings
on ivory sky.
The sun gleams between
twin sun dogs in icy clouds –
solar trinity.
Wood smoke from chimneys
scents the air with promises –
cozy hearths await.
My own little clouds
of frozen breath lead the way –
walking in winter.
A cold winter night –
my breath enshrouding the moon
in translucent mist
The winter forest
shows nothing but naked trunks  —
like X-rays of trees
A rare occurrence
leaves snow all but forgotten  —
February warmth

Written 1997 by David L Brungart - © Copyright