Whimsy Haiku Title

Men who are lettered
carp about rules, but I like
Haiku unfettered.
Fly buzzes, tongue flicks,
frog is hungry, frog is quick,
tongue connects, fly sticks
A little turkey?
Stuffing? Stuffing? Stuffing? Stuffed!
Those Thanksgiving Blues.
The fisherman snores -
neatly skewered bait becomes
shish kebab for fish.
Wilderness preserve:
concrete geese, ceramic frogs,
plastic flamingos.
Picnic in the woods 
food is good, ants are bad and
yellowjackets worse.
Warm wife in warm bed
greets husband bold with feet cold -
a scream in the night!    
Koyaanisqatsi* - 
dung beetles overwhelmed by 
humans and their pets!
Heroes stalk villains
while painting the town; BANG! SPLAT! -
Men and boys - same toys.   
Pretty weather.  Cool!
Almost (not quite) as nice as
pretty women.  Hot!
Four squad cars race by
with sirens screaming, leaving
me to wonder why.   
Orange peel scraped clean,
lemon crushed to pulp and seeds - 
bittersweet fight scene    

Written 1997 by David L Brungart - © Copyright