Timeless Haiku Title

Space and time entwine -
light beams stretch to where and when
stars began to shine.
Their very first day,
both man's and God's creations
begin to decay.
Between infinite
and infinitesimal –
searching for the truth.
Spears thrust through the clouds,
violating pristine curves -
contrails in the sky.
The sun starts to sink
slowly through clouds in the west -
Rhapsody in Pink.
A world of wonder 
shines through a baby’s bright eyes -
every sight is new.
like small glass globes with snowstorms,
can capture the world.
The chains grow longer
as the clock ticks and weights fall -
our lives grow shorter.
Rocks and stones lie still,
serene and uncomplaining -
but their history!
Mini-mystery –
sand by the side of the road,
far from any sea.
After silent drought
a flood of haiku moments
fills my mind with words.    
Like a bicycle,
our lives need forward progress
to stay on the path.
Branches drooping low,
Hemlocks cling to Mother Earth;
Spruce embraces sky.   
The tiny pigeon
lies in state, but no one cries -
the last of its kind.   
New paint and paper
can alter our surroundings –
memories remain.    
Triangle twirling,
black blotches whirling above –
three turkey buzzards.
Mozart in the air  –
modern miracles transform
a neighborhood stroll.

Written 1997 by David L Brungart - © Copyright