Summer Haiku Title

Hazy mist bathes trees;
dim gray light precedes the dawn –
the scent of campfires.
Glowing red embers,
marshmallows toasting on sticks –
campers’ nirvana!
Calm lake, mirrored sky -
ripples stirred by gentle wind
rip the clouds awry.
Cranes with missing legs
stand among mimicking reeds:
legs with missing cranes.
Dappled forest shade –
swirling shadows flecked with sun
flood the silent glade.
Tiny buzzing wings,
humming drones beneath those tunes
the chanting bird sings
The preying mantis
waits until her prey comes near -
a flash of lightning!
A single green leaf,
tickled by a breeze, shivers
among still sisters.    
In the growing wind
the tree leaves flip upside down -
hiding from the storm?   
Graceful twining vine,
shiny trefoils, berries white -
lovely danger sign!
Locust tree’s secret:
fragile leaves are delicate,
but those thorns are not!   
Stag leaves his bower,
brushing a tree with his rack - 
pine-needle shower.   
Hark! A babbling brook -
water sings its warbling song,
tumbling over stones.   
Sunrise on a sea
of shimmering golden wheat –
not a tree in sight.
Relentless sun sears
drought-parched fields; those water drops?
only farmers’ tears.   
Silently spinning,
oaken paddles slice through air
like drunken sailors.
Mouse pauses, then runs,
as the clouds part for moonlight -
the flapping of wings    
No moon lights the fox
creeping into the barnyard -
the flapping of wings
The perfume of trees
fills a summer afternoon  –
magic scent of love   
Twirling blades above
blow away the summer heat -
a couple in love.
Rose petals scattered
on the stream float gently by -
a romance shattered?    
Warming sun breaks through
hazy sky and cloak of fog,
burning morning dew.    
Spider web at dawn –
each captive dewdrop glistens
with captured sunshine.   
Dewy spider webs –
like shiny sequined gowns for
fairy princesses.  
Walking between trees,
spider’s strands invisible –
not intangible.   
Squirrel on wood pile
holds aloft his curly tail -
furry parasol.
Impatient ivy -
climbing trees to get its share
of summer sunlight 
Trees line city streets, 
relieving searing sunlight
with cool pools of shade.
Dappled sun on lawn,
checkerboard for deadly game -
birds and butterflies. 
Summer afternoon –
trees are frozen in the sun
like a photograph.
Weeping willows wait,
branches poised like thousands of
preying mantises.
Deep purple flowers –
like open portals to strange
new universes.
The fluffy seeds float
slowly through the summer air –
sprites with silver hair.
Plump red tomatoes
plucked from vines planted last spring –
foresight rewarded!
Hose spraying ahead
and afternoon sun behind  –
personal rainbow!
A squirrel’s carcass
swarms with hordes of buzzing flies –
death supporting life.   
Blue to gray to green –
that lowering sky could mean
hail will soon be seen.
Summer storms depart –
the fallen leaves and branches
become roof gardens.
Storm-dropped sticks on lawns
predict tomorrow's future –
legs and backs will ache!
Turquoise sky, full moon, 
no clouds above, no sun, no stars –
summer day wiped clean.
The smell of cedar
sharpens the moist summer air –
but where are the trees? 
Just after sundown —
the sky like a negative,
blue dark, clouds darker
Fireflies’ twilight flight -
echoed in darkened sky by
stars that light the night
The night springs to life
with raucous cacophony;
cicadas return.
Silently spinning,
oaken paddles slice through air
like drunken sailors.
A sweltering night –
then cool morning air rushes
through open windows.
Sandy soil, pine trees,
family on vacation - 
soon, the salty breeze
Trail of prints, wet sand -
waves erase all human trace,
and yet, here we stand.
The rising sun paints
the sky, the sea, and the sand,
using the same brush.

Written 1997 by David L Brungart - © Copyright