Spring Haiku Title

Spring by calendar
Winter by thermometer –
doom for early bloom
Skeletal shadows
paint spring streets with silhouettes –
lacy, leafless webs.
Daffodils in spring -
green sprouts pierce lingering snow,
seasons embracing.
May we dance and sing?
Must we wait and contemplate
how to welcome spring?
Tips of brighter green
cap the boughs of evergreens –
future greets the past.
Passersby brush trees
that overhang the sidewalk –
scent of evergreens!
Borne on warm, moist air,
an aromatic medley –
flowers everywhere!
Peony blossoms –
ants crawl among the petals,
immersed in beauty.
Proud peonies build
vainly, their heavy blossoms
too big for their stalks.
Highlighting spring’s joy,
a brilliant splash of yellow –
Forsythia blooms
Hyacinths stand tall;
imperial purple robes
demand attention.
Flocks of tiny blooms 
blanket the still chilled spring ground –
warm pink sheets of Phlox.
In emerald seas,
yellow archipelagoes –
spring dandelions
Rosettes of yellow
spawned these ghostly puffs of gray;
life's circle closes.
imminent blooms, a forest
of daylily stalks
From circular clumps
spring green and graceful arches –
daylily fountains.
Last week daylilies
bloomed in sunny profusion.
This week: skinny stalks.
A phalanx of spears 
bristling in all directions –
spikes of Yucca plant
Sparkling in the lawn
like drops of liquid sunshine –
golden buttercups.
From flat fans of leaves,
Iris blossoms bursting forth –
a third dimension
Japanese maples,
lacy reds and shocking pinks –
nature’s lingerie.
Flash of blue and white!
Magnolia branches shake
in wake of startled Jay.
Unwilling to wait
for leafy green, blooming trees
paint spring with color.
The window’s stained glass
tries in vain to catch the sun -
deigns to let it pass.
Footsteps on the roof
disturb our morning slumber –
squirrel’s “Rites of Spring”
A warm southern breeze –
sprightly kites above the trees
brightly paint the sky.
Wavelets in the pond
sparkle and twinkle with light –
sequins of sunshine.
Circles rise and fade,
bubbling in roadside puddles
tickled by the rain.
Sweet-smelling breezes,
rain-washed by gentle showers –
clearing skies follow.
Golden finch, rare sight,
alights to drink with sparrows;
springs aloft in flight.
Goose flying backwards
or terrible predator?
a swift-winged raptor.
How can a million
shades and hues of vibrant life
be condensed to “green”?

Written 1997 by David L Brungart - © Copyright