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The Lighter Side

Humor and Musings

Spelling Lesson

An old friend revisited

Remember that old spelling rule?

i before e except after c

Well, that rule is pretty ancient, being deified either by feisty geishas, heiresses, or keister kicking grammar teachers at leisure. If you want to split hairs, meiosis might be an exception, but neither neighbors nor peignoirs seized by veiled, weighty virgins count, but what about zeitgeist?

Web Wisdom

Gems found on other web sites

See You Later

Tragi-Comedy in the News

Chief defense attorney Michael Tigar (in the trial of Terry Nichols for the Oklahoma City Bombing) responded to shouts from television news reporters with “We deny all the allegations and we’re interrogating the allegators.”

Be careful with those jaws, Mike. Of course, this was funnier as a sound bite than it is in print, since you can see the spelling, but I would bet that Mr Tigar winced as those words came out of his lips and reached his ears.

Going Around in Circles

The geometrically challenged

The Rake's Progress

Cradle to Grave, Condensed Version







Martha's Corner

Practical Hints for Home and Garden

This year try installing your Christmas tree upside down. The ornaments will hang straighter, since they will no longer brush against those pesky, longer, lower branches.

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