Grim Reaper Death Capital T Capital W Capital S Capital W

T  hough death for some comes quickly in the night
    (As mice are seized by owls in swooping flight),
For others, death is silent, long, and slow;
The flames of life are gone, yet embers glow.

W ith food and breath delivered by machine
    And life’s sole sign a pulsing, lighted screen,
The dying lie in swaddling sheets and wait
For patient death to end their hopeless state.

S  ome poets rage against the coming night,
    Will not go gently, die without a fight.
But death claims all; the fighters always lose.
When death comes calling, no one can refuse.

W hen facing death, remember this great truth
    (Which all deny until they’ve lost their youth):
When hope is gone and life is near the end,
The dying recognize that Death’s a friend. 

Written Nov 1997 by David L Brungart - © Copyright