Shades of Darkness

Darkness comes in many shades,
Shade the lightest dark of all.
Shadows’ hues in forest glades
Mimic moss on which they fall.
Darkness robs a moonlit night,
Steals the rainbow hues of day.
Colors muted, strangely bright,
Only blues and purples stay.

Darkness fills a cloudy night
Muted now by distant glow -
Cloud-reflected city lights,
Hiding heaven’s star-filled show.

Darkness when the moon is gone -
Shapes and shadows, shades of gray,
Can’t reflect the alien dawn -
Pinpoint stars, so far away.

Darkness in the depths of space
Sharply shifts from white to black,
Gray shades banished from this place,
Twilight gone, not coming back.

Darkness shrouds the deepest caves.
Only where the glow-worms creep,
Light seeps in and barely saves
Blackened depths from endless sleep.

Darkness deepens depths of seas
Slowly squeezing light from blues,              
Leaving only black, where these
Eyeless fish view lifeless crews.

Darkness in the soul is worse.
Life is filled with endless sighs;
Cruel, unforgiving curse -
Tortures till its victim dies.


Written Feb 1998 by David L Brungart - © Copyright