A Child’s World

Tiger Fairy
A child’s world is a lovely world
With calico fields ‘neath blue plaid skies,
Where teddy bears dance with little stuffed dogs,
And a dishful of mud makes wonderful pies.

Peeping through cotton candy clouds,
The bright yellow lollypop of the sun
Illumines a grove of striped candy trees,
Where children and puppies and dolls may have fun.

Mountains of ice cream and rivers of syrup
Are easily found in the dream-land of youth.
Santa brings gifts once a year without fail;
Good fairies leave money for baby’s lost tooth.

Pumpkins and mice change to carriage and horses;
Everything nice may be gained by a wish.
Heroes are lauded and villains are punished,
But hooky is legal (boys have to fish)!

Pause, my child, on the ladder of life;
Enjoy while you may the delights of your dreams.
Your joys are not found in the world of adults -
Fairies to them are “. . . just moonbeams.”

Written circa 1961, revised 1997 by David L Brungart - © Copyright