Autumn Haiku Title

Mums in reds and golds
defy the death of summer –
laugh in winter’s face.
Cloudy autumn day –
no matter – captured sunshine  
glows from golden glades.
Autumn leaves shaking,
shimmering golden ripples –
a river of wind
Wind and fallen leaves
swirl and dance a sprightly reel -
whistling ‘round the eaves.
Sparkling with firelight,
decorating distant trees - 
raindrops on windows
Though sheltered from winds,
hedge flutters as in a gale -
birds perched on branch ends.
Red berries, red birds -
autumn honeysuckle bush
serves cardinals’ feast.    
Too heavy for fog,
too light for showers, yet wet -
unseen drops of mist
Rainbowed oil slicks shine,
reflecting neon lights in
patent-leather streets.   
Seen from a distance,
junipers dusted with snow -
bagged leaves and sunbeams    
Crackling leaves at night –
footsteps (predator or prey)
warn of fight or flight.    
Surrounded by green,
a sugar maple blazes
the path to autumn.
Raking leaves again,
Ah! the lawn and path are clear –
raking leaves again.   
Autumn strips away
the leafy shade that shields what
harsher light reveals.    
Pumpkins on the porch –
helping the inhabitants
face the fear of death.
Trees in all stages –
late-clinging green, leaves stripped bare,
finery of fall.   
Sunday afternoon
stillness shattered by demons –
leaf blower banshees.
Arctic air sneaks up,
catches Indian Summer –
sucks its breath away!
Ravens make mad dash –
accenting bright orange trees
with a bold black slash.
Falling leaves racing
water drops to reach the ground –
solid autumn rain.
Late autumn – look up!
More blue peeks through golden leaves;
soon the gold will leave.
Autumn leaves explode!
Flaming colors light the sky
like frozen fireworks.
Quiet autumn dusk –
dampened leaves from recent rains
scent the air with musk.
Startling light at night —
full autumn moon beams brightly
through newly bare trees.
December seventh –
dandelions are blooming
where snow should be.    

Written 1997 by David L Brungart - © Copyright